The Wool Pulled Over Our Eyes

Parents tell their children that there is a Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny, a Tooth Fairy, a Great Pumpkin, and an even more fantastic god.

The kids grow a little and learn (embarrassingly in many cases) that there is no Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny’s not real, the Tooth Fairy is just plain creepy and ludicrous, and that pumpkins are just fruit (mischaracterized as vegetables).  So naturally, they disavow their belief in a god essentially throwing the baby out with the proverbial bathwater.

This is a simple illustration of what happens to many of us in our adult lives as we seek truth within the world of things ‘religious.’

One day, we woke up and realized that most of the doctrines and commandments and names and traditions that we had been handed down were fictitious or Pagan or frighteningly modern.  We started to realize that all of our prized denominations and sects were really just offshoots of the same, common root – namely Roman Catholicism.

And that’s when we started to call EVERYTHING into question!


Critical Thinking

The basic notion of what we do at this point is sound.  We need to “unlearn” everything, and start over seeking PROOF and EVIDENCE instead of trusting in men to lead and feed us.  It is an imperative that we challenge things and make sure what’s being sold to us actually holds water.

And even our most cherished values and beliefs come under fire!  Still, this is a great thing.  We start to “test everything,” and as a result we CAN become much smarter, much more confident and much beneficial to one another.  We start to shed lies like a shaggy dog sheds fur all over a once nice carpet and absorb truth, albeit more slowly and cautiously.

This is called “critical thinking.”  We don’t accept what we can’t prove.  If we can’t prove a thing: maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong.  We don’t toss it out completely, but rather we look at it through the eyes of healthy skepticism entertaining the possibility that this “fact” might not ACTUALLY be the case.


The Alternate Reality

If when we start questioning everything, critical thinking SHOULD take over and light our path as we diligently search for truth, then we end up great!  But too often, what actually happens is that we remain in our cognitive laziness and just decide that it’s good enough to reject everything conventional and take even the wackiest and fringe ideas at face value.

So, in essence, we trade one bag of lies for another.

How many times a day do you encounter Facebook-theologians or YouTube-scientists or WebMD-doctors?  They study a few memes, watch a few free videos and then all of a sudden: BLAM!  A veritable Subject-matter Expert and Lord of Incontrovertible Truth is born!

You’ll recognize these “esteemed scholars” by a few characteristics:

  • No matter how often they change their minds, they’re always 100% certain that they’re right.
  • If you ask them two or three questions about the subject but only SLIGHTLY unrelated to their point, they can’t answer.
  • They flat out REFUSE to hear evidence contrary to their position.
  • Whatever theory or doctrine they’re championing is disproportionately important to them in the grand scheme of things.
  • They will very QUICKLY draw divisions between you and themselves based on nothing more than your unwillingness to immediately embrace their message.
  • They can’t tell you the name of even one proper book that they’ve ever read on the topic.
  • They have no real grasp of any of the evidence / rationale which is contrary to their interpretations


Stumbling onto a Revelation

When deeply studying anything – particularly something as pattern-rich as the Bible, it is absolutely NOT UNCOMMON to discover incredible things that make your jaw drop.  There are pieces of that puzzle that even the smartest of us can read a hundred times and STILL not realize the interconnections and relationships between them.  That’s what makes the Book so fascinating to so many of us and why scholars dedicate their entire lives to its study.

So there REALLY ARE treasures in the Bible to be mined.  There are troves of revelations to be uncovered by diligent study.  And when we get into history and geography and culture and artistic expressions and religions and governments and really start to understand the ancient backgrounds of the scriptures, we find ourselves stumbling onto something new and beautiful every day.

But then there are the people who learned to doubt everything, don’t invest the time and effort into critical thinking, research, fact checking and so on.  Those guys aren’t stumbling onto revelations… they’re just plain stumbling!

Remember when you saw your friend talking about the Bible all the time?  But what happened after that?  They got bored, lost interest, and ultimately moved onto “more important” truths.  And look at the things that have supplanted evangelism and teaching in their hearts…


Common Traps

So what are the things that people who once loved and taught the Bible end up STUMBLING onto?

  • The Earth is really flat, and everybody in the world from educators to scientists to even backyard amateur astronomers are all involved in a centuries-old, global conspiracy designed to make you doubt the Bible.
  • The Illuminati / Bilderbergers / George Soros / Davos / Bill Gates / Kabbalists / Reptilians / Rothschilds / Freemasons / Nephalim are governing the world from the shadows with the sinister goals of population reduction and Satanism.
  • The Jet streams and vapor trails seen behind jet aircraft are ACTUALLY chemicals being pumped into the atmosphere for such nefarious purposes as population control, terraforming for space invaders and causing cancer to fund pharmaceutical companies. Of course the entire airline industry is in on the conspiracy and hiding it from you.
  • The United States government has a weather control machine in Alaska and they are the ones responsible for all of the natural disasters around the world (not global warming – that’s insane!). Their goal is to influence / intimidate and of course reduce population.

I won’t go on talking about microchip implants, debating the deity of Messiah and so on, but you get the point.  And what do all these “doctrines” (aka distractions) have in common:

  • They don’t edify believers.
  • They don’t make anybody a better servant of YHWH.
  • They don’t produce any meaningful results in the world, congregation or personal lives of anybody.
  • They promote division.
  • They COMPLETELY DISCREDIT the person that harps on these things and subsequently ruin their testimony by tainting everything else they might ever say TO INCLUDE teaching the Bible (should that ever happen).


Test the Spirit

So what motivates people to latch onto these messages and dwell on them day and night as if it were a ministry?  (More like sinistry…)

  • It makes them feel intelligent. Conspiracy theories are something anybody can master, because they can’t be disproven.  So with no effort whatsoever, you can instantly be an expert of things “the rest of the sheeple are too blind / asleep to realize.”
  • There is a desire behind these teachings to create divisions. “Love” doesn’t motivate people to bear false witness, and that’s exactly what this is: levying accusations of things we HAVEN’T EYE-WITNESSED.
  • The last motivator seems to be rebellion. Some people despise convention so much that they want to see the world upside-down.  So – they use confirmation bias to convince themselves that it is.  “If I can just run a Google search and find two or three people that agree with me, then it MUST be true!  Hooray for research!”

The bottom line is – these teachings aren’t Biblical.  They don’t benefit a single person.  They ARE destructive.  They are based on a very unfortunate level of ignorance.

Servants of YHWH: look for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.  Call them to repentance.  Teach people how to walk in His ways.  Disciple and encourage and even chastise one another.  There is SO MUCH work that we SHOULD be doing, that we don’t have the time, energy or resources to let ourselves get bogged down with non-edifying nonsense.


  1. Wonderful article, and I concur. I would like to add that there need to be watchmen on the walls as well, however, as you say, don’t get “bogged down with non-edifying nonsense.” So there need be a healthy balance for the “watchman” that has been called by YAH to cry out in the “need be” times. Not to dwell on the things of the world day and night, night and day. And study to show one’s self approved. Study what? YAH’s Word.


    1. Couldn’t agree more! In fact – neither could the Apostles. Of the five areas of ministry they defined for the elders, one was “Pastor,” and that is most definitely a function we should be providing one for another.

      Because there ARE pitfalls. There ARE dangers. We have to keep our eyes peeled for all of the evils surrounding us.

      But then some people try to put casts on bones that aren’t broken. And that isn’t protecting or healing, but rotting and causing atrophy.

      Too much of anything is a problem. Drinking too much water will kill a person. And when people preach and teach their own theories and perceived dangers to the detriment of what you well stated: Yah’s Word, then, Houston, we have us a problem. 😉

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