There Actually IS an Illuminati

The Story

I feel stupid.  I’ve always heard people claiming that there were malevolent agents working in the shadows to the detriment of man, and all things good, but as a skeptic, I’ve always dismissed this “conspiracy theory” stuff as a bunch of nonsense.  Finally, I realized that what they’ve been saying is actually true.  The shameful part is that the evidence was always right in front of my face, and yet I was too arrogant to see it for what it was.

Today, all that has changed.  Now, I will dedicate this study to shining a light on these villians hiding in plain sight.  They themselves often don’t even realize that they are a part of this secret order, but with the eyeglasses of an educated perspective, the veil will be lifted and they and everybody else will see these people for who they really are and for which side of the eternal battle they are fighting.


Illuminati / Gnosticism

To start to really understand these enemies of truth and righteousness, we first have to understand the essence of their order.  Why are they called “Illuminati?”

The word “Illuminati” simply means “enlightened.”  These people believe that they have “secret knowledge” which is hidden from the average man.  What’s more, this secret knowledge becomes an addiction to them.  They do not worship a god (as such) but rather their next insight into the arcane nature of the world.  The Bible, Torah – any virtue you or I could understand – is indeed foolishness to these fiends.

When you study the philosophies of Gnosticism, you’ll see that this cabal called Illuminati is actually just a modern incarnation of the same very old lust.  The Gnostics sought to reinterpret even the most literal statements and commands as being something esoteric and mystical to the point that nothing meant anything anymore.

So the Illuminati is in fact a cult of secret knowledge.


The Illuminati is Evil

Torah-observant people understand that the word of YHWH defines both good and evil.  What makes the Illuminati “evil” is not that they run around killing people or hurting anybody physically (although they DO attack our minds).  What makes them evil is that they oppose YHWH calling evil “good” and good “evil.”It is their perversion of truth and incessant attempts to poison the hearts and minds of Israel that are the very hallmarks of the perversity and wickedness of these heretics.


Testimony of the Illumined Ones

Let’s look at some specific doctrines and practices of the Illuminati.  With this, you will be able to identify them EASILY, and you’ll be shocked to see that they really are all around you:

  1. The Illuminati CRAVE “secret knowledge.”  Their news will not come from Reuters or AP, but rather YouTube channels and fake news websites you’ve never heard of before.
  2. Their facts will always be wrong, but they will defend them to the end without being able to produce a shread of evidence.
  3. Rather than ever seeing themselves as wrong, misinformed or deceived, they will lay the blame on the rest of the world for conspiring against them in their lack of “secret knowledge.”
  4. They will criticize the coming one-world government promised in the Bible as being evil and warn others to provide resistance when that day approaches.
  5. They extol the virtue of national sovereignty for lawless, god-hating nations as an affront to the coming Messiah.
  6. The Illuminati champions the cause of religious freedom for all of the Pagan nations.  They loathe the coming one-world religion because they realize Torah will be imposed on the whole world by force.
  7. The Illuminati spreads rumors of RFID chip implants deceiving and distracting as many people as possible so that nobody realizes that the “mark of the beast” is really the trinity-god of Rome’s device, and even fewer ever learn about the other mark in the Bible (Shema).
  8. Acolytes of the Illuminati warn of terrors from the sky such as UFOs, demons and nephalim so that when Messiah and his army returns (in the sky), the world will see them as an enemy and resist their conquest and millennial dominion.
  9. Signs of Messiah’s return such as earthquakes and cosmic phenomena are blamed by the Illuminati on government actors weilding advanced technology like weather-control devices.
  10. The Illuminati robs YHWH of worship by turning the world’s eyes toward their own gods whom they fear: The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, George Soros, Bill Gates and just about anybody else who has more money than them.



This cult of secret knowledge called the Illuminati is very real and it is very persistent.  Members of this anti-church usually don’t even realize that they are a part of the great pyramid of deception.  But pay attention to your Facebook news feed.  When you see that friend who is always sharing posts about conspiracies, microchip implants, Katy Pery half-time shows, pizzagate, Jade Helm, Nibiru, Reptilians, demons in the sky, ancient aliens, the return of the nephalim, the back of the one-dollar bill, flat planets (Earth in particular), movie stars who never age, HAARP or anything else that no educated person would ever accept, keep your distance.

Your evidence against their strong delusion (secret knowledge) is foolishness to them.  After all – THEY are ENLIGHTENED, whereas you are not.  They are masters and we are “sheeple” in their eyes.  Their knowledge is immaculate: it requires no proof.  And if you try to deny them, they will only hate and slander you for it.