Dispensation Theology


One of the greatest lies we have all been taught that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to understand the Bible is a doctrine dating back to the 1800’s called Dispensationalism.  Even if you don’t recognize the term, no doubt you’ve been taught the principle.

Dispensationalism teaches that YHWH ‘changes’ the way He deals with mankind every so often by instituting a new set of rules and expectations from one age / period to the next.  It says that human history is divided into the following seven periods:

The Dispensation of Innocence (prior to Adam’s fall)

The Dispensation of Conscience (Adam to Noah)

The Dispensation of Government (Noah to Abraham)

The Dispensation of Patriarchal Rule (Abraham to Moses)

The Dispensation of the Mosaic Law (Moses to Messiah)

The Dispensation of Grace (present)

The Millennial Kingdom (Messiah’s 1,000 year reign on Earth)


The only problem with this doctrine is that:

1) It’s not found anywhere in the Bible.

2) It violates the attribute of YHWH that He DOES NOT CHANGE.

3) Nobody believed this way for over 1,800 years after the last book of the Bible was written.

4) It creates endless contradictions throughout the Bible.


Okay, so that’s four problems.  Even worse.  So where did people come up with this idea?



There are seven COVENANTS in the Bible that YHWH made with man: each one building upon the one(s) prior.  But do these represent ‘changes’ or rather are they parts of a progressive revelation?

If the dispensationalists are correct, each “dispensation” completely REPLACES the one before it.  This is why Christianity teaches that the Law and the Ten Commandments are no longer valid and don’t apply to believers today.  But is this Scriptural?

Let’s take a BRIEF look at the covenants:


Does creation still exist in a fallen state and does death still reign (6,000 years we labor under the curse of Adam then a 1,000 rest)?  Yes!

Do we still keep a 7 day week looking forward to entering into His Rest?  Yes!

Then the Sabbath Covenant is still in effect.


Is man still created in the image of YHWH?  Yes!

Does humanity still have dominion over the Earth? Yes!

Then the Edenic Covenant is still in effect.


Do men still have to work for a living?  Yes!

Do women still have pain in childbirth?  Yes!

Do you still step on sticker weeds when you walk outside?  Yes!

Then the Adamic Covenant is still in effect.


Do rainbows still grace the skies after it rains?  Yes!

Has the Earth been destroyed by another flood since the flood of Noah?  No!

Then the Noahic Covenant is still in effect.


Are the offspring of Abraham through Isaac and then Jacob still the chosen sons of YHWH and a blessing to all the Earth?  Yes!

Then the Abrahamic Covenant is still in effect.


Is Righteousness vs. sin still defined by The Law of YHWH?  Yes!

Then the Mosaic Covenant is still in effect.


Does Yahshua still sit on the Throne of David?  Yes!

Is Jerusalem still the seat of government?  Yes!

Then the Davidic Covenant is still in effect.


The facts above are very simplistic illustrations that all covenants are still in effect.


Conclusion of the Matter

So what of dispensationalism?  Is it Scriptural?  Has our Father broken and subsequently disregarded every promise He ever made to man, or has He faithfully kept each and every word of His covenants?

If dispensationalism (aka easy-believism) is NOT true, then what does that mean?  It means that YHWH does NOT change, that what He loved or hated yesterday He STILL loves or hates today.  It means that the same laws He gave us “in the beginning” are valid today, and they’ll be the standard by which we’ll be judged by Him tomorrow.

Just look at what the Bible teaches:

In the beginning, the Judge (the Father) gave all of His people (natural-born and Gentile alike) one set of laws – HIS laws.

Later on, the Attorney (the Son) spent 70 weeks teaching us these SAME LAWS given by the Judge, and instructing us to OBEY them.

In the end, it is said we will all face judgment.


So you tell me – by what LAWS do you think we’ll be judged?